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The Cantaloupe Melon: from the fruit to the glass

When you think of Sicily, Sicilian lemons immediately come to mind, giving the Mediterranean island its identity. The intensely scented citrus fruit is the star of Sicilian landscapes and food and wine traditions. Yet, Limoncello – the emblem and pride of the whole of Sicily – is not the only alcoholic beverage to have fame outside the regional borders.

In the Sicilian provinces, the tradition of producing liqueurs, also in a creamy version, is deeply rooted.

One of these is the Cantalupo Melon Cream, prepared with the delicious and fragrant variety of melon.

Cantaloupe Melon: story and characteristics

‘Cantalupo’ is the name of a small Italian municipality near Rieti. The story tells that in ancient times, some men from Asia brought the seeds of this fruit to the small village in Lazio. The consumption of the cantaloupe melon dates back as far as 3,000 years ago. Bas-reliefs dating back to the 4th and 3rd millennium B.C. depicted the Sumerians consuming the juicy fruit.

Cantaloupe is a medium-sized variety of melon. It is harvested in the period between May and October, which is why it is referred to as a summer fruit.

It has a rough reticulated surface and bright orange flesh. The fruit is rich in vitamins, A and C above all, mineral salts, phosphorus and calcium. It has a high content of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances.

To combat the summer heat, you immediately think of eating good, fresh fruit, such as melon. It is in fact one of the symbols par excellence of summer: just think of the classic dish, prosciutto crudo and melon, which never goes out of fashion. The fruit is much more versatile than you might think; it can be enjoyed raw or cooked in various mouth-watering preparations!

You can indulge in numerous recipes, from starters to desserts; from main courses to original salads. The flesh of the fruit enhances the flavour of shellfish and smoked fish; it softens the taste of cold meats and cheeses.

As well as in creative dishes or to sweeten and enhance stronger, more savoury flavours, cantaloupe melon is processed and used as the main ingredient in liqueur and creamy elixirs.

From its juicy, sweet and fresh pulp comes our Melon Liqueur Cream. Bright orange in colour and intensely scented, it has a sweet and long lasting flavour. Excellent as an after-meal drink, this liqueur cream is perfect with desserts and ice cream. For those with a sweet tooth, it can also become an ingredient in the creation of refined cocktails, aperitif cocktails and long drinks.

Keep a good stock of Crema di Liquore al Melone by Chiaro di Luna Corleone in the freezer; savour it to treat yourself to a little refreshing pampering in the evening, enjoying the sunset that Sicily offers. Or offer a small glass of creamy elixir to your friends to accompany convivial moments: a delicacy to enhance a dessert or to savour at the end of a meal.

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